Livanova is a global medtech with a focus on the head and heart. Present in more than 100 countries, it’s health innoviation that truly matters.

Our product portfolio includes areas as Cardiopulmonary, Advanced Circulatory Support and Neuromodulation for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and other conditions.


Nyxoah is a health-technology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions and services to treat sleep disordered breathing conditions.

Inspire Medical

Inspire Medical Systems, Inc. is a medical innovation company based in Minneapolis, MN (United States) dedicated to elevating and redefining the standard of care for obstructive sleep apnea.

At Inspire, we are 100% committed to our patients. We believe in building strong relationships with doctors and health care professionals so that we can directly support and advocate for the lives of our patients as they take on this challenging condition. We have a deep understanding of the complexities and struggles that come with having obstructive sleep apnea, so we always strive to make sure every patient gets the help they need.

Our revolutionary technology is the first and only CE-marked and FDA approved OSA device that treats the root cause of sleep apnea by working inside the body with the patient’s natural breathing process. Safe and proven effective, our technology improves quality of life by giving those struggling with their current obstructive sleep apnea treatment life-changing sleep.


Sutter Medizintechnik

As a global leader in precision electrosurgery Sutter Medizintechnik offers practical solutions for a variety of ENT applications. Our Radiofrequency Volume Reduction (RaVoR™) has become a standard procedure for the treatment of the inferior turbinates, the soft palate and the tongue base.

Surgeons benefit from the advantages of our impedance-controlled CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency generator, which enables finest incisions and hemostasis with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. In combination with our RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes, single-use, the CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency technology is an ideal solution for a variety of applications from habitual snoring and mild sleep apnea to hypertrophic turbinates.

From our headquarters in Germany and with a global network of sales partners and own subsidiaries in the USA and Asia, 130+ employees work every day to meet the needs of surgeons around the world, providing them with easy-to-use solutions that contribute to achieve best possible results for patients.

Itamar Medical™

Itamar Medical™ is a home sleep study company focused on leading the integration of Sleep Apnea management into the cardiac patient care pathway. As one of the leading home sleep testing companies in the US, the company has pioneered an innovative sleep apnea management program for patients and healthcare professionals.


Neuwirth Medical Products

As a medium-sized, family-run company, we have been offering exclusively modern, innovative and exclusive treatment and diagnostic methods in Europe for decades.​